Allegheny Loop 400 mile ITT

I’m about to take off on another crazy challenge. I will be attempting to mountain bike the Allegheny Loop ITT, which is a 400 mile course set in Virginia and West Virginia. This is similar in format to the Tour Divide, but shorter. I will be the first solo male to pedal this course for time. In other words, I’m the guinea pig. Along with Cricket Butler, who will be the first solo female, we will set out on Friday morning, April 6th. Lots of dirt roads, gravel and climbs for sure. I plan to roll through the night on Friday and Saturday, non-stop. We shall see how I hold up and if that is possible for me at this point. The cool thing is that I will also set the initial record for the course. In October there will be a group of riders taking this course on. Hopefully, I will give them a time to beat that will push them. Below is the link to my SPOT page, so you can track me as I roll along. I will try to Facebook  as I go with some information on what is happening. It will be remote, so no guarantees. I will be riding the Sette Serum ISM mountain bike, which is my 2012 race bike. I plan to do a proper review on the bike once I’m done. Wish me luck and send those positive vibes.


Below is a general overview map of the course. The yellow highlight is the course. It will start in Blacksburg and go clockwise at the Waiteville intersection, coming back around to finish at Blacksburg.

Adventure Cycling Association

Markley’s Tracking

Cricket’s Tracking

Below is a website about the course and challenge.


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