1st at 12 Hours of Lodi

It was hot and humid. I felt like I was in Central America back in ’93, but that is another story. I have done Lodi a few times now and find myself always going back. I do this knowing that the course is one that beats you over 12 hours. The roots are like anacondas lying across the trails just waiting to wrap you up in a death hold. As you wrap yourself around this corkscrew of a course, you realize that to survive in the solo format for 12 hours one must be steady and patient. That was the order of my day. I didn’t take off in a sprint as did the teams. I ticked away at the course in a methodical manner. It did help that I met up with a guy from the Blue Ridge Cyclery team, Coleman. Coleman and I entertained each other lap after lap. I drove the pace and he kept the ambushes at bay. I even gave Coleman a half time show by whipping the bike over a few logs.  Riding with Coleman was a treat and during the night laps it kept us alert and we avoided the zombies that tend to come out and grab you when the dozing starts to override your system during one of these endurance races. I raced the Solo Masters Division and as night creeped in I had built a several lap lead and was able to call it early and engage in the next phase of the race. Another reason I continue to do Lodi is that it attracts a solid group of riders into a grassroots event that has a 15 year history of spanking your butt and then hanging out and laughing it off. Konrad, the race director, puts on a heck of an event and provides some delicious refreshments to partake after a hard effort. I was beat and I enjoyed every minute of it, thanks Lodi. Thanks Coleman for an entertaining ride on the Crazy Train. The Sette Serum once again delivered, enough said. Cheerios!!!


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