San Juan Hut to Hut 200 in Summary


I just finished writing an article for XXC Magazine about the race. Here I will give a short summary and if you want the full story, I will post when it comes out in the mag. First off, the SJ 200 was epic in every way and it was a thrill to win it. I drove across this amazing country on a month long tour that was simply a beautiful experience. I would like to thank my sponsors, Sette and Price Point for the amazing support they give me. Terra Firma put on an amazing race. It was super organized and had a personal touch that made it very special. The volunteers were dedicated and did everything they could to make it special. I would like to personally thank Debbie and Becky for going the extra mile for me. Kathy and Scott Hudson know how to put on an event while going above and beyond for each athlete. Joe from the San Juan Hut to Hut Trail System is a character and really cares about your experience out there.

I can’t say enough about my fellow racers that I raced along with out there. The course was beautiful and mesmerizing. It was also painful and unforgiving from the high alpine summits to the boiling desert sands. I fell asleep riding and hallucinated that mountain lions were tracking me. I had wrecks on more than one occasion as the sand seemed to swallow me up. I battled with a worthy cycle soldier for a 150 miles. I salute Greg Parhams amazing effort. I expect him to be a solid presence in the endurance mountain bike race scene for many days to come. I ended up finishing this beast of a race in 25 hours and 30 minutes. The awards ceremony brought us all together to relive the memories of a time that will always have a special mark on us. 

Im back home after a long journey and I find myself ready to line up again. What am I doing? Well I’m just pedaling on as always. 



5 thoughts on “San Juan Hut to Hut 200 in Summary

  1. Your blog and endorsement of the Sette Serum was the deciding factor for me to order my Pro XT. Glad I did – thank you for leading me to such an awesome bike!

  2. Outstanding! Keep me posted on your new ride. I know you will have many fun days on it. I sure have on mine.

  3. Congratulations! That is an unbelievable accomplishment. I have dont the Telluride to Moab route in one week and cannot imagine how any human could do that non-stop in 25 hours. Hats off! I would love to read the entire article.

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