What makes you feel alive? I mean really ALIVE, like nothing else matters but you in that moment flowing through existence without resistance.

For me that is when I’m cycling, preferably when I’m multiple hours into a journey and I’m climbing up a mountain. Sweat stinging my eyes and saliva filtering out across my lips into the air and my legs are aching to the point that if someone impaled my quad with a knife, I wouldn’t even feel it. That is where I’m alive and flowing in this cosmic field of what we call reality.

I do hope that everyone can experience what that is for them. My ALIVE might be difficult for some to understand or relate to, but we are all wired differently. Regardless, there is something out there that will connect you to feeling ALIVE. Find yours as I have found mine. When you find it and the euphoria melts in, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Cycling is the way for me!

Pedal on my friends!

Markley Anderson



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