2013 Tour Divide Letter of Intent

I said in my previous diction that I would be doing something huge this summer. Here it is, I will be making another journey along the epic route known as the Tour Divide.  I will be posting in the weeks and months leading up to the start on June 14 my preparation, training, bike build and equipment choices that will aid me on my quest from Canada to Mexico. This is such an incredible event and to say it is a test of one’s metal is an understatement. Why do I find myself back on the start line in Canada? After engaging in this style of racing for the last few years, I find that I’m not wholly satisfied and feel empty to some degree when I do more civilized races. Don’t take this the wrong way, I enjoy my lap based endurance racing and it can be very rewarding but it is a temporary fix, I need the real thing every so often. The level of fulfillment one can obtain during and after an event such as the Tour Divide is special and unmatched by any other event or challenge that I have ever embarked on. Pushing through challenges and suffering in the process for an extended period of time provides the greatest reward if you ask me and the Tour Divide has a mighty big helping to dole out for those that are willing. My goal this time around is to finish, survive and have fun as it was the first time, however this time it will also be about improving my time with more focus on speed. As is custom I have thrown together a letter of intent to do the Tour Divide in 2013. This expresses my commitment to line up and see it through once again.

2013 TD Letter of Intent

Here I go again eating my own words. People, never say NEVER. After a successful journey in 2011, I find myself drawn back to this entity known as the Tour Divide, even though I said never again. It has a magnetism like no other event I have ever had the sweet and painful pleasure of getting to know. Funny how one can be attracted to something that beats you down to what I can only describe as a crushed saltine cracker in a bowl of chicken noodle soup. There you have it and I will  be in Banff for another welcomed beating and cherish every minute of it. I look forward to crossing paths with all of the other bold adventurers that share in my insanity. Up, up, up!!!! 

2011 TD FINISHDazed and Confused
Dazed and Confused

3 thoughts on “2013 Tour Divide Letter of Intent

  1. And all did was ride my bike around Hawaii this year.

    Request that you start with the bunch this year so we can better track you guys.

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