Tour Divide (2013) Bike Setup/Review, Part 1

s2013-02-16 20.11.15After deciding to undertake the Tour Divide again this year, I knew that I would need a trusted steed to mount and hold on to for 2700 miles of  ‘Wild West Epic’. I looked no further than the bikes that I have been riding for the last 4 years, Sette. I have ridden the Sette Bikes all over creation and back again. For this years edition of the Tour Divide, I decided to go with a 29er in order to take advantage of its strengths. The strengths most specifically are the 29ers ability to roll faster and smoother. s2013-02-16 20.36.36The Sette Razzo SC XX 10 will be my steed. It comes loaded with the SRAM XX 10 speed drive train, smooth and crisp. Avid XX disc brakes will rein the Razzo in when I get ahead of myself. s2013-02-16 19.29.39I want to highlight the carbon frame design and aesthetics. The frame design is strong and will be just what I need on a long undulating course such as the Tour. s2013-02-16 10.09.15One of the most impressive features of the Razzo is the internal cable routing, even the rear brake line.s2013-02-16 10.08.48 No catching cables on snags and such. This allows less grit and moisture from reaching the cables and extending the cables life. s2013-02-16 10.18.18The carbon composition will dampen the vibrations from all of the rocky and wash-boarded terrain, while providing me with a lightweight bike. This will allow me to carry more weight in regards to supplies, etc. I plan to have a <35lb bike loaded (without food and water). This bike is amazing all around and the aesthetics are amazing. It looks so good, you almost hate to get it dirty. Sette knocked it out of the park with the design, finish and build. I have made a few modifications for my needs: ESI Grips, XTR Pedals and White Brothers Rock Solid Carbon Rigid Fork. After making these changes the bike comes in at 19.5 lbs, awesome. That is with pedals, water cages and tubes in the tires. It will be tubeless mounted soon, which will drop the weight a few more ounces. s2013-02-16 10.07.38One thing I recommend and that I did is to place a protective layer on the underside of the bike frame. With carbon you want to avoid getting chips and dings from debris flying off the tires, again prolonging the life of your bike. I plan to do a performance review soon and again later when I lace up the bike with all of the Tour Divide gear (bags, accessories, etc). The Sette Razzo comes in several options, one for sure will suit your needs. Price Point carries all of them, check them out.


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