Tour Divide (2013) Bike Setup/Review (Gear Packing List/Training), Part 4

Always Climbing UP UP UP!!!
Always Climbing UP UP UP!!!

25 days….what???? No worries, I’m ready to rock. I feel like my training through the winter has been spot on and that has pushed me into spring with solid growth. I actually took a complete week off 2 weeks ago, because I felt like I was ahead and peaking. I’m getting down to my fighting weight and super lean at the moment, constantly eating. The Tour is dynamically interesting in the fact that it is so long and that you really become conditioned as you race it. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t train or prepare for the course. Of course you need to come in with fitness and endurance that you have developed through the winter and spring. However, there is no way to actually train for the Tour in Tour like conditions for the length of time the Tour demands. You will actually race into Tour shape as you begin your journey south. Then you will start to tear down towards the end and it really becomes a psychological thriller taking place in your mind. All of that being said, I feel like I will tow the start line in great shape: fitness/conditioning, endurance and psychologically. I have my strategy in mind of how I will race this time with the focus on speed. That plan is flexible as it must be when taking on an epic like the Tour.

All day long!!!
All day long!!!

I have 3 weeks roughly to finish up my prep and complete the dialing in process of gear and such. I have another over nighter training session planned along with a few centuries here and there. Mostly though I will maintain my 15-20 hours/wk  in the saddle. I have my plane ticket to Calgary and need to make my hotel reservations this week. It is all coming together. Price Point has loaded me up with the best and I feel confident in my bike and gear to once again get me to the Mexican border in Antelope Wells. I have compiled a list below along with a picture of my gear selection for this 2013 edition of the Tour Divide. I will have a light setup, which has its pros and cons. I’m relying on the pros. One day at a time is the key to a successful Tour. In a few weeks, I will post the tracking website and how you can communicate with me out there. Stay tuned and thanks for all of your support. It will be key when I’m out there in the hurt locker.

If you have ever wondered what it takes, gear wise, to tackle an event like the Tour. Take a look below at what I will use to make my way along the Continental Divide in self-support mode.

TD Packing List

1-Shimano Unzen Pack w/3l bladder

2-Map Case

3-Patagonia Shorts

4-Pearl Izumi Rain Jacket


6-NRS thick layer long sleeve shirt

7-Gore Heavy Cold/Rain Gloves

8-Marmot Minimalist Pants

9-Smartwool Balacalava

10-Rocky Goretex Socks

11-Smartwool Knee Warmers

12-Glove Liners

13-Pearl Izumi Divide Riding Gloves

14-Smartwool Socks-Tall

15-Louis Garneau Socks-Short

16-WBR Jersey and Bibs

17-Pearl Izumi Beanie

18-Pearl Izumi Baselayer-sleeveless

19-Mountain Hardwear Bivy Shelter

20-Mountain Hardwear Sleeping Bag

21-Thermorest Sleeping Pad

22-Tire Tube-2nd one is mounted on the bike frame

23-Helmet Cap

24-Sidi Cycling Shoes

25-Giro Atmos Helmet

26-Garmin GPS

27-Pearl Izumi Sun Sleeves/Arm Warmers


29-Pearl Izumi Baselayer-long sleeve


31-7 Maps

32-Avid Brake Pads-2pr.

33-Chain Brush and Rag

34-Water Bottles-2



37-First Aid Kit-Advil, Band Aids,Tape,Gauze,Alcohol Pads,Antibiotic Ointment, Water Purification Tablets

38-Toothbrush and Toothpaste

39-Chamois Cream


41-Ipod-Earphones and Charging Cord

42-Lip Balm

43-Fenix Bike Light

44-Petzl Tikka Head Light

45-Bike Lock

46-Smart Phone and Charging Cord

47-ID Anklet

48-Crank Brothers Multi Tool

49-Rear Red Tail Light

50-Tire Levers

51-Crank Brothers Tire Pump

52-Oakley Sunglasses

53-Cassette Tool

54-Bear Bell

55-3 Bye Kyle Straps


57-2 SRAM 10 Spd. Chain Links


59-3 Squirt Chain Lube

60-Tire Patch Kit


62-Pass Port, ID, $, Insurance Card


*On the bike mounted, I have zip-ties and duct tape inserted in the support bars of my sleeping setup.

*Batteries-Lithium AA.AAA,CR123

*I will use 6 bags (1 Seat Bag by Custom Rob, 2 feed bags by Revelate Designs, 1 Jerry Can by Revelate Designs, 1 Handlebar Harness by Revelate Designs and 1 Fuel Tank by Revelate Designs)mounted on the bike to carry all of this equipment, plus my hydration pack.

*I will have a waterproof bag, Sea to Summit, in the seat bag, handlebar harness and hydration pack to keep my gear dry.

Fitted out for the Tour
Fitted out for the Tour

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