Racing for the Future Riders

It is nice to give back and ride for more than myself. Below you can make a donation to a program that is fostering new riders for the future. Help me raise the stakes and push myself harder.


Captain America

I hope all is well with you. We are just coming off a very successful year, thanks to you! I have one more opportunity I believe our Mountain Bike enthusiasts will appreciate.
Tony Brown, our Mountain Bike Coach, and Markley Anderson, School Counselor, are asking friends of the program to consider pledging their support to Markley’s ride to glory as he competes in the Tour Divide Race from Canada to Mexico (2,745 miles) starting June 14, 2013. His preparation began long ago and the start is fast approaching. You can follow Markley via satellite during the race here.
You can also encourage and inspire Markley by making a pledge to support our Mountain Bike Team.
For further information or to make a pledge, please contact Tony Brown, Head Coach of Mountain Bike Team at or myself JC Ignaszewski, Director of Leadership Giving, at 434-992-0510 or
You may also go online and make a pledge that will benefit the team.
1.  Longest day pledge – Commit to $1.00 per mile for whatever mileage Markley can cover in one day.  He believes he may be able to have a 200 mile day.  Remember he is crazy! Possible commitment – $200.00
2.  Average Miles per day Pledge – Commit to $3.00 per mile average a day.  Last time he raced he did about 100 miles per day on average.  He is hoping for about 140 miles per day average this time.  Possible Commitment – $420.00
3.  Most Pain Pledge – Commit $20.00 per hour that he rides continuously without stopping for a night’s rest.  He is considering trying to do a forty-hour ride.  Possible Commitment – $ 800.00
 4.  Speed pledge – Commit $1,000.00 for a race finish in 20 days.  In 2011 when Markley he finished in 24 days.  This year his challenge goal is to try and finish in 20 days.  The record is 16 days.  Possible commitment – $1,000.00
Please consider committing to one of the above pledges to both support the Mountain Bike Team for 2013-2014 and to motivate Markley on his toughest challenge yet.
Click here for more information about the tour.
Thank you
JC Ignaszewski
Director of Leadership Giving

2 thoughts on “Racing for the Future Riders

  1. Markley,
    I wanted you to know I’ll be following your progress as closely as I can. I think what you’re doing is fantastic, and I’m thrilled to have any sort of connection to anyone competing in this unreal contest of speed, endurance, and personal strength. God speed.

    Drew Sanford (BRS ’95)
    COGS MTB Club Trails Administrator, Clarksville TN

    1. Drew
      Thanks my man. I appreciate the support and when you come to visit BRS let me know and we will ride.

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