Tour Divide 2013 – 18 Day Finish

Sweet Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A journey that was filled full of smiles, tears, reward, suffering, joy, laughter, emotion and pain. Oh how sweet it was to roll into Antelope Wells and fall off the bike. Thanks to each and every family member and friend that supported and cheered me on. The incredible  amount of belief and support truly overwhelmed me. Thanks to all of my sponsors for their support. Money was raised for the BRS mountain bike program, nice. An 18 day finish on a busted quad for the last 2 full days isn’t too bad. I shall now recover for a few weeks and plan to kick it up with some 24 hour racing in a month. Cheers!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Tour Divide 2013 – 18 Day Finish

  1. Congratulations on your 11th place finish, Markley. It was fun tracking your epic journey. I look forward to joining you in person on a future trek.

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