Tour Divide 2013- Wrap Up & Update

face rashcastI find myself sitting here with a broken hand and a cracked rib from a training ride in SC when I thought  I would be prepping for a 24 hour race in NH. However, now I’m trying to mend wounds and look to September where I should be ready to race once again and this time on a single speed for the first time at an 18 hour solo torture fest. I’m out training everyday and keeping my base fitness alive. Riding in a cast with a cracked rib comes with its own set of challenges, but as in life one must push forward and make the most of what you have. I will soon be back to tip-top and rockin it out like I do.

2013-06-24 05.28.42DSCN0579

I wanted to wrap up my Tour Divide experience from this year by doing  a top 10 of highlights and a top 10 of challenging moments I had.

2013-06-25 19.22.14 - CopyDSCN0568


1- Making it to Butts Cabin the first day, not many have done it.

2- Staying in the top 10 the entire race. Multiple 200 mile days. 154 mile average/day.

3- 18 Day Finish, again only a select group have completed the Tour in under 20 days.

4- Overcoming and pushing through my leg injury for the last 2 days.

5- Single track on Richmond Peak, MT

6- Descent off Union Pass, WY

7- Descent off Galton Pass, Canada Flathead Valley

8- Gold Dust Trail, CO

9- Amazing support from my family and friends

10- Ovando- Stray Bullet, Brush Mountain Lodge, Pie Town- Toaster House



1- Lightning Storm on Elk Mountain as I descended to Lima scared me for real.

2- Leg injury the last 2 days preventing me from a quicker finish.

3- Climbing Silver Creek Pass in NM with busted leg.

4- Running from lightning out of Platoro to Horca.

5- Breathing smoke up Indiana Pass.

6- Outhouse sleeping.

7- Never enough rest to recover.

8- Always hungry.

9- Getting up early, never could master this task.

10- Recovering from a 40 Hour push without sleep in MT.

Onward I Go!!!

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