Winter Training 2014


It has been cold this winter. Usually we get a mild winter with a dib and dab of cold in central Virginia. I have lived in Virginia going on 7 years now and this year seems to me the coldest in terms of consistency. So, what does that mean? It means you have to put on more layers and get it done. It would be easy to just put it off to spring but then you can bet on being behind and playing catch up is no fun. I have been riding the trainer a bit more and getting out in the white stuff and sliding around on the ice. Coming back in with fingers and toes that are stinging and screaming is quite common right now. Be assured though that spring will arrive and bliss will once again inhabit the winding single tracks across the land. As I write this, I have noticed that I haven’t written on this here blog in a quite a while. Let me catch those up who are my adoring fans.

I have some grand adventures and exciting goals for this year. I have picked up a few new sponsors. I’m building yet another bike, like I really need another…..of course I do. The formula for the number of bikes (x) one should own is (x+1)!!! Holding true to that mathematical constant I stay devoted.

Let me make mention of a few new sponsors that have stepped into the arena with me this year. I will be wearing the stylish and punk rock screaming cycling kits from Twin Six. I will be making ground contact on Vee Rubber treads as I make my way around the various terrain features of America.

My plans for the 2014 circus of chaos is still in the making. I’m getting close to nailing it all down and hope by the end of the month to have some sort of direction to follow. A couple of races that I’m stoked for and committed to this summer: 24 Hour US National Championships in New Mexico and 24 hours of Palo Duro Canyon in Texas. Stay tuned as there will be more to come in the way of wild adventures and racing this summer, possibly a stage race…who knows, maybe an ultra. I start racing in a few weeks and it will be interesting to see where Im at in regards to my fitness and endurance. I will be spending some time in the George Washington Nat. Forest in early March to hone in on my fitness for some fun racing in Virginia and Maryland that will lead me into my summer pursuits. I will be focusing more this year on single speed pursuits, so yes you will see me ripping it on the Lynskey Titanium 26er. Don’t underestimate the 26er, I have rocked that wheel size all up and down this here world. I will still rumble on the 29er here and there, diversity is good. Once spring arrives and I find my fitness, I look forward to another sweet year of pushing my limits and just maybe I will see you out there pushing your bike up some steep pitch and I will give you a slap on the butt, because I did my winter training. That being said, I must go out and train. It is 12 degrees up here at Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia, but time doesn’t wait and if you want to go big you must live big!




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