1st at 18 Hours of Scouts Honor

18HourScoutsHonorPodium2014 (2)

It was a blast defending my single speed title from last year. I was able to pull it out with a solid race from the get go. As usual the 18 Hour crew went all out as the course was full of aliens and witches jumping out at you all night long. Jamming to the tunes as I climbed rooty toot hill 17 times was always a punch in my gutty guts. I was able to keep my pits short and methodical, which can be a challenge when you don’t have a support team in tow. I was able to stop after 15 hours, which was nice due to a cold that was adding an extra beating on my body. I would like to give a shout out to Blue Ridge Cyclery as they had Scott Ramsey heading the operation this year. Scott is such a solid dude and he made sure I was  taken care of if the need occurred. Great to see my boy Dave Tevendale out there bouncing around. He brought his 8 year old prankster mindset with him and erected a bmx style board and log jump out on the course. I enjoyed that my friend. 18 Hours of Scouts Honor is such a classic here in Virginia and if you haven’t attended, well you are cheating yourself of a ripping good ole time. Check it out next year. That is it for the year in regards to racing as I have had an amazing race year that started early. I will ride for fun and maintain the fitness through the winter from now until February. I have a few bikes I need to build up, so that I can get out there and jam-jam next year. Thanks to all of my family, friends and sponsors for the support and high fives!



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