Loaded Precision Cockpit Review


20141222_121128_141506 (3)

I have been racing and training on the Loaded Precision cockpit (handlebar, stem and seat post) for about a year now. I have been very impressed with it  and in fact I just equipped another bike I built up with the same Loaded cockpit. Loaded makes stylishly impressive carbon fiber, lightweight aluminum and titanium components for mountain bikes. I have been running the Loaded: X-Lite Carbon UD Handlebar (Flat, 710mm), X-Lite Titanium Stem (90mm), X-Lite Ultra Aluminum Seatpost (400mm, 31.6mm).

20141230_120944 20141230_120933


The X-Lite Carbon UD (Uni-directional)Flat Handlebar with a width of 710mm (27.95 inches) delivers a setup that I find spot on. The wide stance allows me to breathe fully while I climb, which I find myself mostly doing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The carbon makeup of the bar provides a sweet balance of responsive flex and stiffness that I find crucial as I navigate through rock gardens or come barreling into a sharp turn and burn. The weight of the bar is incredibly light and ones first impression might be ‘how strong can it really be’, but it is without a doubt. I mostly do ultra endurance racing, so having the ample width of the bar allows me to place my accessories (lights, bags, gps, etc) needed for such an event.

The X-Lite Titanium Stem with a 90mm length comes in all black aka ‘stealth cool’. Stem length is important as any racer or devoted rider knows when it comes to bike fit (effective comfort). The X-Lite Ti Stem is made out of T6 7075 Aluminum (light weight) with a carbon face plate while adorned with Titanium bolt hardware. It comes in at an impressive <100 grams. Titanium is very well-known for its weight to strength qualities. The X-Lite Ti Stem fits that bill without a doubt and provides the contact platform needed to take on the line grinding of single track. The milling on the stem provides an aesthetic quality that I find high-end classy.

The X-Lite Ultra Aluminum Seatpost comes in the varied sizes anyone might need for a typical mountain bike setup. I’m running the ‘stealth cool” version with a 31.6 mm diameter. Very light weight and comparable to any high-end seatpost when it comes to craftsmanship and quality. The X-Lite Seatpost comes with Titanium bolt hardware and is made out of T6 7075 Aluminum. I personally have an affinity to Titanium hardware due to its strength, light weight and rust avoidance properties. I have found that this seatpost provides me with a seamless integration on my bike to round out my cockpit. I swap saddles at certain times and setting up the saddle is easy and the mounting base is wide enough for the stability needed when it comes to the stresses placed by your rump on it.

Loaded Precision makes high-end quality components and you get what you pay for, atleast in my opinion. Aesthetically pleasing and more importantly functional and up to the task at hand. I will continue to adorn my racing rigs with Loaded. Loaded makes a lot more than just cockpit items and a nice color selection of select components. Check them out, I believe you will be impressed as I have been.



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