1st at TommyKnocker 10

Jackhammering Effect

First race of the year was a big success. I was able to ride hard and consistent for 9 hours while amassing 100 miles and 8000 feet of climbing. The TommyKnocker went down in Silver City, NM. The trails were amazing in the high desert at 6000 feet elevation. We rode on the trails at Fort Bayard and they were high desert winding zip and pop. The first half of the course was a climb that was steady and gradual with a few rollers. The second half was a roller coaster with a few technical pop ups. The course consisted of gravelly sand and rock. The rocky course did beat you over time especially on my rigid setup. By the time I finished I was feeling the post jackhammering effect in my body. The fuzzy podium picture represents my vision at the time. Cactus was prevelant but not too close to the trail. You definitely want to run sealant as I did pick up some cactus burrs. The weather was grand and a nice break from what we have been subject to on the east coast. I was impressed with Zia Rides as they put on a stellar event and gave it a down home flavor. The single speed division was fairly big for an endurance lap race and there were some strong riders. The “OO” Buckshot that I just did a build write up on in the previous post was bomber. It rocked and even though I ran rigid the carbon absorbed and responded well to the undulating of the course rather that was tight turns on an uphill requiring massive torque or the bouncing through a rock garden. I was especially pleased with my Loaded Precision Ultra  XLite carbon wheels. They flat out hooked up.

Ripping it at the Tommyknocker

My training has been limited this winter but my power was solid as well as my endurance which I was a bit worried about since my rides have been short. Adjusting to the altitude and sleep deprivation from the quick travel to the race was a challenge. I seemed to make it happen and I was very pleased as I was able to take the lead on lap 1 and ended up lapping the single speed field. I was able to stop an hour early due to my lead. I could have done another lap but my body was thankful that it wasn’t needed. I credit my girlfriend for keeping me fueled and smiling out on the course. Thank you baby. I would also like to thank my sponsors especially Loaded Precision for the carbon wheels and cockpit, ESI for the grips, xpedo for the pedals, Kogel Bearings for the bottom bracket and Twin Six for the stylish and functional Metal bike kits. Also, Trucker Co. has brought me on as one of their posse and I will be running their brake pads and tire sealant. I’m super pumped about being with these guys. It was a hoot and I’m pumped for the year as I have some amazing challenges in front of me that I’m eager to face. Again thanks to Zia Rides for hosting such a great event.  Jess Moore was a jewel out there and I’m very thankful that I have her in my corner. We are wrapping up an amazing tour across the southwest that has taken us from Albuquerque, NM to Idyllwild, CA. Thank you baby.

Celebrating the Victory

Get out and jam people. Spring is upon us.

Riding the Chutes in Tucson, AZ
Riding in Idyllwild, CA



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