ESI Grips

I have great sponsors that kick out purposeful and proven products. ESI GRIPS is one of those that I want to highlight as spring begins to overtake the land and racing season looms in the coming weeks. I’m really excited about this year’s race season as it will have me roaming the midwest and southwest. I will be taking part in 6-24 Hour race formats, one-day Ultras as well as some XC races.


I have been using ESI Grips for the last 5+ years. ESI Grips are made from 100% silicone and sheathe every one of my bars. I have used ESI Grips in every imaginable terrain, race format and climate. Rather it be racing across the USA in the Tour Divide or the Trans Alp Stage Race in Europe, ESI Grips have delivered and kept my grip secure and comfortable. I’m not the only one that has this opinion as it doesn’t take one long to quickly notice that at any race you will see ESI Grips laced up on a lot of the bikes towing the line. From pros to beginners, ESI Grips work across the board and meet the demands needed to maintain comfort and security while giving an aesthetically pleasing compliment to any bike.

2016-04-10 12.50.47_resized

ESI Grips have many options in the color spectrum for your specific tastes. They provide a range of thicknesses to appease your style of riding and comfort levels. A great aspect of ESI Grips is that they are very light weight and anyone can install them. The silicone grips provide shock absorption and supreme grip qualities in all-weather conditions. So you are not a mountain biker, well you are not to be left out as ESI has produced a wrap for cross and road bikes called the RCT Wrap with the same great qualities that ESI Grips provide. Recently, ESI came out with an ergonomically FIT Grip in order to provide an even more comfortable grip when ripping up that gnarly single track. All ESI Grip products have a great durability and comfort balance that won’t break the bank while giving your bike style points.

When it comes to your grip or wrap needs make sure you check out ESI GRIPS!


Rip…Rip…Rip it UP!

P.S. I found my dream bike and all it needs is a pair of Extra Chunky ESI GRIPS in black!



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