1st Single Speed at Red River Gorge 100 MTB Race

A splat-grinder it was at the Red River Gorge 100 Mountain Bike Race (RRG). I had nothing on the radar and up popped the RRG. After having a solid performance at the 12 hours of Hanson Hills over Labor Day, I felt like I had the fitness. So, I signed up for the 1 speeder […]

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Hanson Hills 100 – 1st Single Speed

It has been quite some time since I have done a 100 mile specific mountain bike race. The Hanson Hills 100 happened to fall at the perfect time with me starting my summer break. I was interested in the course as there happens to be a 24 hour race there in September. I wanted to […]

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Niner BSB RDO Love Build

My lady and I love to ride bikes together so we decided to do a  bike build together. We wanted something that would allow us to go on and off-road. The Niner BSB RDO frameset was an easy decision as Niner performs with flair. We chose parts to outfit it with that complement the style […]

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1st at Funk Bottoms Gravel Grinder

Welcome to Ohio! The best way to adapt to a new environment is to get out and race, I say. The Funk Bottoms Gravel Grinder (Ohio’s Toughest Gravel Grinder) takes place south of Cleveland in the Mohican Wilderness out of a little town called Lakeville, OH. I must say that Ohio has some legit climbing. […]

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On One ‘OO’ Single Speed Build

‘OO’ (Double-Ought Buckshot), my moniker for this beast. It is a lightweight, single-speed, carbonic-flexing puncher of a machine. I am so looking forward to getting this puncher out on the race courses this year. I expect it to slice and dice the single track in my endurance races over the year and beyond. I have tested […]

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Loaded Precision Cockpit Review

  I have been racing and training on the Loaded Precision cockpit (handlebar, stem and seat post) for about a year now. I have been very impressed with it  and in fact I just equipped another bike I built up with the same Loaded cockpit. Loaded makes stylishly impressive carbon fiber, lightweight aluminum and titanium […]

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